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Doctor Migrant reaches potential employers

Doctor Migrant reaches potential employers of Indonesian migrant workers to promote the usage of our platform to be able to participate in building a sustainable ecosystem for migrant workers that leads to an increase in productivity of their organisations.

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Transformative Ecosystem

Building a sustainable ecosystem for migrant workers and employers.

Easy Registration Process

Offering quick & reliable processes through hundreds of consultants.

Field Expertise

Database of thousands of partners and migrant workers.

Stakeholder Integration

Partnering with hundreds of medical and educational institutions alongside recruitment agencies all over Indonesia.

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What they are saying about us

I believe employers and migrant workers will benefit from this transformative ecosystem.

Datuk Michael Kang Hua Keong

National Recovery Council

of Malaysia

Very innovative, DoctorMigrant is application dedicated for migrant welfare which lead to productivity for our organization.

Mr. Faisal

Vice President

Ranhill Utilities Berhad

DoctorMigrant utilize technology to reduce recruitment cost for employer and provide tools to increase productivity and protection for migrant worker.

Dato Shawaludin

Vice President

ASEAN Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Doctor Migrant application had been a viable and effective solution in the facilitation of foreign workers in SME Associations

Datin Dorph Peng Wen Yin

National Deputy President

of SME Association Malaysia

Doctor Migrant provides good innovations to protect the health of Indonesian migrants who are struggling in other countries

drg. Bremmy Laksono

doctor migrant provides a good opportunity for us to provide telemedicine with many migrants in other country and give new experience for us.

dr. Iyan Meyasdi Ricardo, Sp. PD, M.M

Doctor Migrant provides good health teleconsultation for many peoples in overseas and remove barrier healthcare in the world

dr. Untung Gunarto, Sp.S., M.M

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