Number of Indonesian Migrants in Malaysia & Singapore

With about 270 million people, Indonesia is the fourth biggest populous country in the world. From a 2014 study, it was revealed that Malaysia was the most popular country for Indonesians to work abroad in, followed by Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE in that order. 

The number of Indonesian migrants in Malaysia had drastically changed over the years, with 2013 holding a number of 150.24 thousand people working in the country. However, the numbers had reduced to 79.99 thousand people a year before the pandemic had hit which then saw a significant drop in the year of 2020 with only 14.63 thousand people

Due to the consequences of the pandemic, migrants had trouble finding work leaving some unemployed and flying back to their home country. As a result, Malaysia had recorded the lowest number of Indonesian migrants in decades.

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