Vaccination Process of Migrants During COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccination has been a vital point in humanity’s battle against the COVID-19 virus, after relying heavily on lockdowns and quarantines, social distancing, masks and sanitisers. Within a little over a year of the initial finding of the virus, vaccines were swiftly created. Thus, governments and leaders all over the world had stressed the importance of vaccinations and urged its citizens to register their doses as soon as possible.

However, residents of foreign countries that were unable to return home had found it confusing, amongst other things, to understand the various information governments were releasing about the vaccines and the process of getting one. Many believed that it was easier to wait it out than rushing to get the vaccines immediately due to the skepticism.

Following this, many announcements have been made by campaigns, NGOs and IOM UN Migration to make it easy and accessible for migrants to receive their two doses of vaccines. As a result, many countries took the initiative to further encourage migrants residing in their countries to opt for a shot in their respective health districts. This has also been strongly highlighted by Malaysia when a free vaccine rollout organized by Migrant Care, Ministry of Health and other organizations vaccinated hundreds of Indonesian migrants in Kuala Lumpur. These organizations had also stressed that undocumented migrants will not be reprimanded and that its sole purpose is to only look for the health and wellbeing of its residents.

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